Weaver weaving dhaka

Dhaka fabric is a part of Nepali lifestyle. From traditional Nepali topi to choli, every Nepali has worn Dhaka fabric once in their lifetime. Palpa still remains the heart of the Dhaka Industry in Nepal. Pioneers in the dhaka weaving, the Palpali Dhaka industry started around 2015 B.S, and saw a good growth for almost three decades and during its heydays it included about sixteen firms and employed more than 1,500 people and supplied to over 36 districts in Nepal.

However, post 2046 B.S, the Palpali Dhaka industry has seen a gradual decline owing to multitude of factors. The once burgeoning industry currently consists of only nine firms and the operation is well below the full employment level. Although dwindling and running under full capacity, the Palpali Dhaka fabric Industry still has the capacity to become a major employment provider to the rural workforce and contribute to the reduction of rural poverty.

To tackle the common problems associated with the production, to preserve the indigenous Dhaka weaving skills whilst incorporating modern technology and knowledge in production and promotion of Dhaka fabric and to forge partnerships at all levels, Palpali Dhaka Association was established in 2076 B.S from the initiative of the like-minded Dhaka entrepreneurs of Palpa.

Palpali Dhaka Association (PDA) with the aim of revival of Palpali Dhaka Industries, preserving the indigenous technique of hand weaving Dhaka Cloth to pass for future generation and improving the working conditions for weavers, was established in 2076 B.S. (2020 A.D.). This Organization aims to standardize the quality of Palpali Dhaka and introduce the finest quality Handmade Dhaka fabrics in National and International Markets.

This Association also looks for the welfare of the people associated with Dhaka weaving. Association is more focused to improve the current working conditions of weavers. Association combined with different stakeholders including UKaid(सीप), Label-step, NYMA, NMB Bank, Province Government, Tansen Municipality is working on a project Named Partnership for Growth of Nepali Dhaka (PGND) to take Palpali Dhaka into new heights.